Firm Update

October 19, 2020

While this year certainly has delivered many challenges, our team continues to realize that with any shift there is an opportunity for growth. As the saying goes: We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges.

We lean into this growth mindset daily and focus on gratitude and hope to remain optimistic. We are particularly grateful for:

The ability to serve our wonderful, diverse clients from our remote offices

Adding Kelly Viergutz (Consultant) and Jessica Markham (Paralegal) to our team

Zoom meetings to stay connected to our clients and each other

New clients and long-term clients who continue to trust our team with complex and interesting work

Our freshly designed Capabilities Brochure that showcases our regulatory and management consulting services

Crisp fall days and the beautiful autumn colors that remind us that change is part of life and we are always better off on the other side

We are also extremely thankful for the continued growth of the Learners at Bloom360 Learning Community, the nonprofit school we founded in 2017. Now in its fourth year, the academic success and social-emotional wellbeing of the children at Bloom360 continues to shine brightly and remind us what is possible when kids have an environment that truly works for them. Many of our team members miss being onsite daily to try their baked goods, go on nature walks and be a receptive audience for their project-based learning presentations. We continue to cheer for these awesome kids (including from our remote home offices), and are thankful they have the entire 10,000 square foot building and four acres outside to safely spread out and continue to learn and grow. Let us know if you are curious about the school or how uniting a business team around a big idea creates more meaning and positivity than we could have ever imagined. For more info about Bloom360, visit:

We appreciate you and look forward to continuing to grow together.