Our Clients

Since 2002, Vista360, LLC has served more than 100 clients across the country. Our clients include leading institutional advisers, private fund advisers, wealth management firms and funds and other types of pooled investment vehicles (including registered mutual funds, closed-end funds, BDCs and various types of privately offered funds). Our projects often lead directly to management’s enhanced understanding of gaps between its organization’s goals and current practices, increased team efficiency, enhanced team effectiveness and a more effective use of firm resources. Our clients find they fare well when their businesses and programs are scrutinized by regulators and institutional due diligence teams.

Representative clients include:

Bridgeway Capital Management
Bridgeway Funds
Cleary Gull Advisors
Ellenbecker Investment Group
Gateway Investment Advisors
Indie Asset Partners, LLC
Invesco Senior Secured Management
Kovitz Investment Group, LLC
Madison Capital Funding, LLC
Mairs and Power, Inc.
Mairs and Power Mutual Funds
Nuveen Investments, Inc.
Oarsman Capital, Inc.
Red Cedar Investment Management, LLC
RMB Capital Management, LLC
RMB Investors Trust
Sage Advisory Services, Ltd. Co.
Spectrum Investment Advisors, Inc.
The 4100 Group, Inc.