Giving Back


“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” – Alexander Den Heijer

As we enter into the season of Thanksgiving, we are happy to share some special news with you. Our team at Vista360, LLC has taken our commitment to giving back to a new level. And in turn, this opportunity has given each of us even more gratitude. It is true that when you give, you often receive more in return.
For the past few years Vista360 has been instrumental in helping to guide and develop Bloom360 Learning Community, a new type of learning environment for children with neuro-diverse needs (autism, ADD, ADHD and other learning differences) in southeastern Wisconsin. Now that the school is open and serving its inaugural class of Learners, we felt moved to share more about our experience.

We felt it was critical to co-locate our Vista360 team with Bloom360 and its Learners. We renovated a historic school building and transformed it into a sensory-friendly, inviting school and work environment. It is a joy to interact and support the Learners as they participate in project-based learning (PBL) activities, which dovetails nicely with the all the project work we do on behalf of our adviser and fund clients. Did you know that PBL is linked to significant improvements in student test scores, attendance and classroom engagement? Maybe more importantly, PBL improves higher-order thinking, problem-solving skills and the approach speaks to a broader range of learners.

A few recent projects that made us smile:

1. We enjoyed fresh baked muffins and appreciated the effort it took the Learners to survey our team about our preferences, chart the information into bar graphs and create a plan to ensure everyone could participate in the baking process. The office delivery of warm bakery treats is always welcomed!
2. We learned about Taekwondo when one Learner prepared a demonstration about his favorite sport and explained the different belt levels. He even had everyone up and trying the moves.

3. A team of Learners developed a contest hole for our recent Bloom Open golf outing. They utilized the PBL inquiry and research process to develop the Opposite Hand driving contest which was a hit with our golfers. The Learners added a unique element to the contest by videotaping a blooper reel and later sharing it on Facebook.

Humor goes a long way at Bloom360 and our Learners enjoy good-natured fun.

Supporting Bloom360 with Year-End Giving

We hope you will share our passion for this philanthropic initiative. Bloom360 is participating in the #GivingTuesday (global day of giving on Nov. 28) which will kick off the school’s year-end giving campaign. Vista360 will match any donation up to $10,000 between now and December 31, 2017. Your year-end gift of any amount will help ensure more children who learn differently can have the opportunity to bloom.

Please visit the Bloom360 website: and click on the DONATE button.

Checks made payable to Bloom360 Learning Community can be mailed to the school: N8921 Stone School Rd., East Troy, WI 53120.

To watch a short video starring our Learners or for more information about Bloom360, please visit:

We welcome your questions and ideas and invite you to connect to learn more about our school or to become a community partner.

From all of us at Vista360, thank you for your business and friendship over the years.

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