Happy New Year


As we begin the new year, I�m reflecting on the amazing opportunity our firm has had to work in such a dynamic industry, as well as with some inspiring kids here in southeastern Wisconsin.

Our team at Vista360, LLC is grateful for you, our colleague, and the children with whom we share a restored historic schoolhouse that connects to our adjoining office suite. Having Bloom360 Learning Community as our firm�s neighbor for the past two years offers unique opportunities for our consultants to help develop a nonprofit, but even more importantly, allows us to provide meaningful mentoring experiences for some of the most capable Learners around.

These kids defy the special education and disability labels from other educational settings and truly remind each of us that: If a flower doesn�t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

The Bloom360 model focuses on the whole child, just as the Vista360 model focuses on each of our client�s whole business. We find many similarities in the customized approach Bloom360 educators and therapists develop to guide each Learner, and the programs we develop to help each of our clients reach their goals.

We enjoy the light bulb moments when we work on a project with a Learner and the smiles and laughter we share during community luncheons or birthday celebrations. The innocence and honesty that accompanies our Learners is welcomed as Bloom360 offers a safe and trusting school space where everyone is encouraged to be themselves.

For all of this, thank you. We value you and the work we accomplish together.

Please let me know if you would like more information about Bloom360 Learning Community. There is a lot of information on Bloom360�s website: www.bloom360.org. We also are open to corporate mentorships, special visitor days to share a skill or interest and more. We always appreciate connections to families who may be looking for a refreshing educational option for their child.

We wish you all the best in 2019.

With warmest regards,








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