Cindy Gosh-Lee, MSW

Consultant, Management Consulting Practice

At heart, I am a life coach and a visionary who develops and implements a plan to move a thought, idea or dream into a reality. I am intrinsically motivated to inspire, encourage and empower others to be the best versions of themselves and to take action steps to achieve their goals/dreams. My superpowers are my strengths of hope (I believe and expect the best in the future and work to achieve it), gratitude (I appreciate and am thankful for the uniqueness of myself and others), love of learning (I continually learn and expand my knowledge to share with others) and perspective (I provide an insightful point of view, wise counsel and see the big picture).

Cindy has more than 25 years of experience serving organizations and individuals in a variety of educational and coaching settings. As part of our management consulting practice, she helps individuals and teams increase awareness of their strengths and then leverage those strengths to meet personal and professional goals, as well as use them to work through life challenges. Cindy leads and guides the implementation and continued development of strengths based programs for clients as well as our internal teams at Vista360, LLC and Bloom360 Learning Community, a nonprofit school for neuro-diverse Learners that was developed by and is co-located with Vista360.  She also provides one-on-one strength-based coaching to teams and individuals. Cindy serves as the Program Guide at Bloom360 Learning Community.  She shapes the school’s curriculum and oversees the continued development and implementation of Bloom360’s educational model which is rooted in human development.

Prior to co-creating and developing Bloom360 Learning Community, Cindy was a college professor of Sociology, Social Problems and Organizational Psychology. She was also the designer and facilitator of professional development courses (face-to-face and online platforms) and workshops within continuing education programs for adult Learners. In addition, she facilitated support groups for children and parents, provided short-term strength based counseling and facilitated social/emotional programs within classrooms, clinics and work environments.

Cindy has engaged in multiple training opportunities provided by the VIA Institute of Character in the areas of using character strengths at work, building effective teams and one-on-one strength based coaching. She also has completed the advanced practice course, “Character Strengths Interventions.” Cindy completed her certification in the DISC Assessment which is a Behavioral Analysis assessment that helps us understand our own and each other’s unique inner preferences and needs that our outward behavior is communicating. Cindy earned her Master’s degree in social welfare from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and her Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Mount Mary University. She has received her life time certification as a School Social Worker and Early Childhood Teacher from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Cindy currently serves as a board member for Bloom360 Learning Community.